The governance of the Graduate School will consist of the following Committees that have a clear scope of actions:

  • The Executive Board (5-year term) consists of 8 members, the director of each lab, the head of each master, the director of the Galileo Doctoral School, plus the director of the Graduate School . It has in charge a regular monitoring of the various actions (mentoring of students, coherence of the training, budget management). It reports each year to the Scientific Committee the progress of the training, the results obtained with respect to research, the financial aspects.

  • The Scientific Committee (3-year term) consists of 10 international researchers and the head of the Graduate School. It meets at least three times a year and participates to the master and PhD selection procedures and also to the selection of grants laureates. The selection of PhD laureates is fully carried out following the requirements of the Galileo Doctoral School: analysis of the records, hearing of the candidates, proposal of a ranking to the Doctoral School Committee together with the ranking proposed by each lab. It also ranks proposals for invitations of worldwide renowned researchers. These invited researchers will give tutorials, participate to local research projects and may contribute to personalized projects of students.

  • The Steering Committee (5-year term) consists of the Executive Board, the director of the local engineering school and of 5 worldwide renowned researchers proposed by the laboratories, representative of various research themes, of 1 representative for each institution (USPN and CNRS). The Steering Committee is consulted once a year on the main scientific choices, gives advice with respect to the report of the Executive Board. It is also consulted to give recommendations for the recruitment of permanent professors or CNRS researchers with respect to the needs in terms of research or training.

The recruitment of high potential students will comply with the best international standards: international communication, HRS4R-style requirements.This five-year program is organized as follows: basic and advanced classes, personalized projects performed alone or in groups, internship(s) in laboratories and companies, PhD thesis, modules of general culture. During the 5 years, each student is mentored by a researcher from one of the laboratories. This concerns in particular the construction of his/her scientific course. The offered classes, in English, come from local masters, supplemented by classes from the local engineering school and external masters. The lessons can be classical, given in flipped classrooms or as videocasts or MOOCs. Personalized projects give students the opportunity to tackle open problems, either theoretical or experimental in a fablab. In each case, they will be mentored by at least one researcher, thus strengthening the links with the laboratories.

Finally, the Graduate School will apply within 5 years to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 label. To our best knowledge, this Graduate School will be the only example in France of a five-year master+PhD curriculum combining Mathematics and Computer Science.

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