The interactions and complementarity of Mathematics and Computer Science will be highlighted in the EUR to promote interdisciplinary teaching and research. The last decade has indeed seen a considerable increase in the need for skills in a wide range of disciplines targeting an always increasing number of domains: Big Data, Quantum Computation, Machine Learning, Continuous and Discrete 0ptimization, or even the Theory of Complexity. Students enrolled in this EUR will have the opportunity to attend classes from different masters, supplemented by specific classes. The link with the research will be continuous during the training: students will do short internships in the laboratories, attend research seminars or conferences organized locally, work on open problems from a theoretical and experimental viewpoint. Finally, the industrial world will be associated with this EUR through conferences, internships, CIFRE PhD contracts. These relations will be based on collaborations that the laboratories develop with numerous companies and with the regional competitiveness clusters in connection with the digital ecosystem. The M&CS Graduate School will be managed by an Executive Board, accompanied by a Scientific Committee composed of internationally renowned researchers and responsible for the recruitment of students, and a Steering Committee which will be consulted on the scientific choices concerning the evolution of the Graduate School.

The success of this project will offer the opportunity to progress in several directions:

  • Recruiting international students with high-potential will raise the general quality of the masters. Regular students enrolled in one of the master programs may participate to personalized projects together with students enrolled in the Graduate School. Furthermore, some of them may find interest in the training and ask for being incorporated: self-censorship of local students is not rare. One of the objectives of the creation of this Graduate School is to increase the number of students (from current masters) willing to do a PhD thesis.
  • Classes proposed at the master level shall evolve more importantly than without the Graduate School: its existence enforces collaboration between disciplines, promotes alleviating the boundaries between disciplines. Due to cultural habits or administrative constraints, masters currently evolve in relation with their original content. Hence they will benefit from the impulse given by the Graduate School.
  • There should also be a knock-on effect on the undergraduate courses, especially for the co-diploma with Italy and the local bi-diploma. To be involved in an international school is a real opportunity.

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