Becoming a student of the M&CS Graduate school implies benefits. Once accepted, the student must be involved to match some requirements.

Benefits of being an M&CS student

    • Annual scholarship – selection on criteria
    • One travel grant for international mission (in M2)
    • Mentoring program: one personal mentor during all the curriculum
    • Customized training
    • Exchanges with industrial and international academic partnerships via events and meetings

For foreign students:

      • One round-trip from Paris to the city of residence each year
      • Housing facility (CROUS)

M&CS requierments

  • Choosing both a major and a minor thematics between math, computer science, visual computing and network
  • Choosing master courses (including internships): 60% of classes in the major, and 40% in the minor
  • Being involved and participate in M&CS events
  • Doing at least one mission abroad (M2)

Each year the application of each student is reevaluated to pursue into the graduate school.


Students enrolled in Université Sorbonne Paris Nord all pay the same registration fees (€243/year plus €91/year of student life membership). Students pursuing a thesis in a EUR laboratory will be funded by a 3-year doctoral contract.

The best candidates will be offered a master’s scholarship. The scholarship is €600/month, supplemented by €400/month for those in need of housing assistance. It lasts 12 months for students in M1, 10 months for students in M2. The EUR administrative service may offer university accommodation on preferential conditions. In addition, the EUR will finance a round trip home/university.

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